Jimmy Alexander’s Story

Hi, my name is Jimmy Alexander.

I graduated from the Ranch June of 2014. Before coming to the Ranch, at the age of 21, I was in an extremely dark place in my life. I was numb, callous, tormented and suicidal. I knew for some time I needed help but was bound in my own cocoon of addiction. Thankfully my parents gave me the option of the street or the Ranch.
The path that led me down this terrible path was believing and living out the lies of
my culture and desires. Even as a believing Christian, I felt like I could find fulfillment as a pleasure seeker.  

When I showed up to the Ranch, I thought to myself, “If this doesn’t work, there is no hope for me.”
After about the first week, one evening, I went into the prayer room and that is where God truly
moved upon me. Encompassing God’s love and forgiveness recentered my life.  

After that, life finally made sense to me and I was able to apply the studies and counseling to my benefit. My most difficult impediment to personal growth was my own self forgiveness.  

Some of my fondest memories include the relational aspect of Christian brotherhood
and a much needed disciplined schedule and work ethic I sorely needed in my life.

I am abundantly blessed to be married these past four years with one child and
one on the way. I have been making a living as a carpenter and have founded
Lazarus Life Ministries, an adult residential recovery house located in Mount Vernon, Ohio.