Hello, my name is Jeff. On April 26th, 2015, I entered Teen Challenge in Lansing, MI as my world that I built based on lies and deception was falling apart, due to poor life-style choices I had made and due to living a life apart from God. I was severely addicted to gambling and drank heavily to numb the pain of it. I had lost a relationship with my 7 month pregnant fiancé just two days before our wedding. Thinking that I was going to totally lose Holly, Endyra (Holly’s then 4-year-old daughter whom I considered to be my own daughter) and, of course, the yet to be born baby Greyson, I was at my lowest and was looking for a gun to take my life. Thankfully, the Lord had control over the situation and my parents brought me into Teen Challenge.

A few days later, on a dirty cafeteria floor in Lansing Teen Challenge, I turned my heart and life over to Christ. God blessed this early effort and surrender by opening an opportunity to come to Teen Challenge Cincinnati Men’s Ranch on June 17th, 2015 just 10 days before my son was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I remained focused on God’s plan for my life and the promises that God would restore my family. During my time at the Men’s Ranch, I was able to both mature spiritually and practice those new disciplines in my daily walk.

At no other time in my life have I been able to press into God the way that you can at the Ranch, and through remaining faithful to God and standing on His Word my family is being restored to me – in God’s perfect timing. I am thrilled to announce that Holly and I will be getting married on September 17, 2016! Endyra once again calls me Daddy. My son Greyson, is a healthy, very busy 14 month old boy. He is just starting to talk, and by God’s grace his 2nd word was dada.

My stronger relationship with Holly, Endyra and Greyson is possible from the foundation laid through the discipleship at the Ranch. My patience for my children and being a Godly father is a testimony to the work of God in my life, as so will be my ability to be a faithful, loving husband. I am eternally grateful to the relational discipleship and counseling afforded me at the Ranch.

Before Teen Challenge Cincinnati I was a son who had no real relationship with his parents but desired to have one. Today I get along better with my mom and dad than ever! Finally I can be the man of God that my loving family deserves!

Freedom for my life was (and is) only found through Christ! Thank you again to all the wonderful staff, volunteers and those who support this ministry financially. Without God working through you all, I wouldn’t be able to write this today.