My name is Terrance Turner, I am 30 years old and I am honored to be a husband to Lauren Turner and the privilege to be the father of two awesome boys – Jermaine Roderick Turner (9 yrs) and Canaan Maxwell Turner (9 months).

I came to Teen Challenge Cincinnati on September 21, 2016, because of my drug addiction. I was full of hate, unforgiveness, self-hatred
and had a victim mentality. My relationships were broken. I isolated myself. I was at a place where I couldn’t help myself and least of all my family. I couldn’t go on any longer with my addiction as I was losing my will to live. So my wife and I spoke with my pastor about me coming to Teen Challenge Cincinnati.

Being at the Men’s Ranch was most difficult when it came to changing the way I was thinking. My first hurdle was that I had to make the decision that I could no longer run from my problems – I would not run. Then the rest fell into place. The regimen was not that hard and I enjoyed the sense of building self-discipline in my life. The class work was good but what was most helpful was the one-on-one conversations I had with George and the other staff. Sitting up ‘til midnight talking with the night staff person was precious to me. I think it was getting counsel and perspective from those who were being successful in their own lives (family) that helped the most. They have all become great influencers in my life.

I look forward to being such an influencer to other young men. In letting go of my old way of thinking and habits I encountered a God who wanted nothing more than to redeem my life and my relationships and to equip me in my role as both father and husband of my home. I walked out of the Ranch a different man.

I am now employed as a Counseling Supervisor at The Buckeye Ranch.
I want to express that life is not certainly easy – but it is good. I am applying the truths taught to me and it is paying off. Thank you Teen Challenge Cincinnati for the car donation and especially showing me how to be habitually selfless.