George Martin, Executive Director
Marty Martin, Women’s Home Director

Dear friend,

Cincinnati Challenge Ranch is a non-denominational faith-based, relational discipleship program. Our focus is on incorporating holistic character development along with education, soft skills training and vocational therapy in preparation for social, family job readiness and responsibility.

If applicable, GED tutoring and degree is mandatory for completion. Students with a significant other are offered the opportunity for mentorship (together) in a series of relationship and communication counseling.

Our “Run Way” phase (last two months) of the program collaborates with area businesses and mentors that assist in training and apprenticing the student for 24 hours per week. Our “Re-entry” phase (following completion of the basic program lasting approximately seven to nine months) strives to equip the individual for a smooth and productive transition back into the workplace, family and community via transportation and employment placement along with post-graduate mentoring and continued accountability. A “Restoration” phase (a 30-day residential commitment), is for previous grads who find themselves in need of reconnecting to previous necessary foundational life-style mechanics along with specifically addressing any new needs.

The target population are men and women ages 18+ of any race/ethnicity or religion who have a history of life-controlling problems that are usually expressed through drug and alcohol addictions or abuse. Over 95% come from single parent, dysfunctional households. Of that 95%, 80% are already in the court system with drug related offenses. 25% or more are homeless. Sadly, 33% are fathers or mothers themselves, repeating an even more negative parenting cycle.

Our environment emphasizes the fundamental value in an individual’s life, countering directly the self-centered, destructive lifestyle involving the medication of one’s mental and emotional emptiness and woundedness. A relational approach of influence vs. rules based approach, fosters an understanding through revelation and a guided discovery process vs. simply impersonal and un-relativistic rules. The former is a lifestyle of success in spite of circumstance (sustainability) as opposed to a rules based, off and on, diet type lifestyle (unsustainability) approach.

We are not a half-way house, crisis center, clinic, juvenile center or lockdown facility. We operate on a progressive system of trust, responsibilities and privileges. We have a no-nonsense, work hard – play hard schedule and the staff are successful, mature, lay persons, counselors and pastors. We strive to be more of a “home” vs. program/retreat or spa. The atmosphere develops a sense of community in both group and individual consciousness and responsibility. For the vast majority, it becomes a benchmark for a stable and productive family structure for the rest of their lives.

Restoring men’s and women’s dignity and destiny,

George Martin
Executive Director