We are Looking Forward to your Visit!


  • Photo ID
  • Proof of medical insurance if applicable.
  • Non-refundable entry fee of $350.00 if applicable.
  • If you have a Probation Officer convey the contact info to the                           Admissions Director.
  • If on medication, attempt to bring a month’s supply.
  • Please make sure all meds have been approved by Admissions                        Director as an acceptable med for a CC student
  • Optional – Nicotine patches for 90 days only
  • Optional – Stamps and envelops
  • Optional -Small amount of cash which will be kept for the student     
          and given to him when needed-$30.00- $50.00
  • Casual clothes/shoes, work clothes/shoes, gloves (if winter), dress                   clothes/shoes/ (for Sunday church services.) Please do not bring too               much clothing!. Pack the clothing you would need for an average week.         We have available an abundance of nice clothes.
  • Toiletry items—shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc
  • Optional – Personal cell phone. To be secured in the dorm office
         for approved usage times



Radio/Portable music players/speakers

iPad or iPod, laptop, etc.

CD’s and/or MP3. No headphones or earbuds are allowed)

Lighters, matches, candles.


Bedding, pillows, sheets, blanket or towels.

Mouthwash that contains alcohol

Aerosol cans/rubbing alcohol

Secular/non-Christian reading material (we try to keep all literature in line with our mission)

Non approved meds.

Dip, cigarettes, or tobacco in any form

Nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges or Vape products

Skate boards/bike/rollerblades.

Remote control cars, drone or toys.  Board games ok.

Workout protein powder, i.e. whey protein, etc.

No vitamins, dietary supplements or supplements of any kind, unless cleared first with Intake Coordinator.

Personal exercise equipment of any kind, i.e. chin up bars, weights, exercise balls, exercise bands, etc.

No holes in clothes, cutoffs, or clothing with negative slogans or pictures.

No furniture from home-coffee tables, bookshelves, end tables, carpets, rugs, etc.